Facts ‘Bout Love, Real Love.


Love makes you strong, real love really makes you strong. If you’re getting weaker then re-think ’cause something must be wrong.


Love hurt, real love really hurt. So if you are getting hurt easily and you are missing something inside it’s real love you are going throw.


Real love needs responsibility, you’ve to look at everything differently to make it work.


Real love shows who you really are, you’ve to be yourself, your real you. If you can’t be then maybe its not real love or you’ve missed the talking process in your relationship.


Real love is clear without any secrets, ’cause secrets kill love and the more you keep secrets the more the knife break into your love.


Real love is SIMPLE, and the difficulty here is keeping it simple and you do that with following your feeling, your heart, don’t panic and don’t be scared, you’re doing the right for you if you’re doing what you really feel.


Real love is learning, you learn it from math ’cause its infinite, you learn it from science ’cause it’s continuing, you learn it from everything that’s why talking is important ’cause the most you learn love from is the one you love.

Tell me what you think (hopefully you ll do that :)


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