Something ‘Bout The FaceBook

Last night I watch The Social Network -Movie- I have to say its such an amazing one, you all have to watch it, any way that remind me of some people around talking ‘bout how they wish that FaceBook shutdown ‘cause its destroying there lives or addictive or something like that. What these people don’t know is that out there somewhere, some people have so life, nothing called social life, but also they have FaceBook, and having FaceBook is what keeping them alive seriously. So you re luck to have a social life and you think FaceBook is destroying it for you, let me help you with the answer SHUT YOUR FACEBOOK DOWN. I know the look in your face is priceless now, ‘cause your mind can’t stand the idea of leaving the social network you was wishing to shutdown, why?! its simple, FaceBook is a complete to our lives nowadays n without it you re missing the world around you. I’m not saying keep the FaceBook and throw your life out of the window, no I’m not saying that, I’m just trying to tell you, FaceBook is important as much as having a social life.


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