In The Bottle

I woke up, I feel so tired and cold. Something seems so wrong, where am I?? I look around me and I can see nothing just nothing everywhere, I’m becoming more aware of where am I now.

Its a bottle!!

Why am I in a bottle??!

That can’t be true, I must be still asleep and dreaming, I’ll close my eyes then open them and things ll be back to normal.

I opened my eyes again and I’m still in the bottle, my god I must be losing my mind. NO, I already lost my mind, what’s happening to me?! Why am I in this bottle??! I was ‘bout to cry, I was sitting holding my knees to my chest, when I heard it, I heard my world’s sound just outside the bottle, and since I’m already crazy and no one ll ever believe me, if it’s possible for a sound to do something thin it was, it was closing the bottle on me more and more and……… My world is trapping me, my world is killing me.

I slept, maybe I’ll wake up without this dream I’m trapped in, I’ll wake up better, I’ll wake up outside this bottle, in my real world.

I woke up, and I’m finally out of the bottle, I want to scream and tell everyone I’m outside of the bottle, but I won’t. Finally I’m back.

I forgot the bottle, it’s been a while now, my bottle nightmare is now not so different from my real world, my world is exactly trapping me in the bottle, and I’m helpless, I can’t do anything, and the voice, you remember it?! Is now being played by my family, friends, everyone in my life, the re sharing the voice role.

I’m living the bottle world, and the bottle is eating me alive, burying me while I’m still just breathing.

Welcome to the bottle world, are you sharing it with me?!


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