What if…

I lost my father more than 3 years ago exactly 10 days after my 15th birthday, people stayed around us for a while and they all said the famous phrase [EVERYTHING WILL BE FINE]….. Did they ask themselves what if it never gets better?????!! I love my father more than life more than breathing more than light more than happiness more than every and any thing in this world but people kept killing me all time with saying [YOUR FATHER IS DEAD] he is not, He is still alive inside of me and my sister and my brother and in every smile he puts on peoples soul, he is in every memory time tries to take from me, he is in every day I look in the mirror and try to forget everything that hurt and destroy me and keep going in my life, he is in every breathe that I take to make myself stronger as he wanted me. I will never forget him I will never believe that he died and move on, I will always be daddy’s girl.


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