Girls Guide to: Play Love.

Safety first is what you need to think bout when you meet some types of men, ’cause there’s no safety in real love or warning signs you just sometimes better put safetly first. So stay away from the man who:
No. 1: needs answers for anything.
No. 2: gives answers to anything.
No. 3: doesn’t care bout anything.
That’s what a dear friend told me, at first I did not understand the meaning behind them but as time changed n so did my life n myself I found that there’s a good reason to keep these 3 in mind.
The First Type:
Might drive you insane, girls keep your guards up with them n never drop them until you’re 100% sure that he’s a trustable person.
I’m not saying that he’s completely the devil or a control freak but women needs gentle n kind men, on the other hand these one can’t mostly deal so good with whats going inside there ‘<3’s.
The Second Type:
I think this one is what you guys call the ladies man or the playboy I think, n he’s really good with talking specially answers, so ladies take care ’cause that honey they drop might be nothing but venom.
Again I’m not saying that they’re completely a******* but they’re danger for your heart dear.
The Third Type:
That type ll give us a little hope, ’cause once they care bout something life ll be more beautiful with them. BUT who doesn’t care bout anything doesn’t care bout anything, so take care n don’t live in a dream ’cause if you did you’ll wake on a nightmare.
Now girls, take time it’s always good.
Boys, never break a heart ever.
Be my guest n ask the girls guide ;)


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