The Young Friend “short story”

I can’t be more happy since he took me in his arms and go out telling everyone bout me and enjoying every single moment we spend together my life turned into heaven. Until, he forgot me. One day at the park his father bought him a new computer game and he forgot me sitting there looking as old as a 100 years old book, while my papers still have the fresh printing aroma fulling the air. He left me while my story still has more to tell, he left me killing our promises, he left me and cold took his place.

He’ll remember me, all I’ve to do is to wait for him to come and start a new story with me.

Time moves so slow while I’m here waiting and waiting to be saved, people looks the same around me but none of them is him. None of them cares ’bout me like he does. None of them ll travel with me to every word, tasting them n loving how great they turn us to.

Time stopped, I don’t know if it’s true or just my mind playing with me a sick trick?? No, it’s his voice I heard, that sweet voice shouting not so far away “daddy, daddy, it’s there”……… I’m saved


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