Required: 100+ years of EXPERIENCE!!

I seriously dream of that title, it’s my life’s nightmare nowadays, NO it’s my nightmare since I started looking for a job. Everywhere, every newspaper, every company in Egypt wants Experience. 2, 4, 10, 20, 25 it always get higher never going down for the student looking for training & experience here, or the newly graduated who wants to start his/her life & grow up without his/her parents help there. I’d like to explain something to those who think that 0 experience means nothing:

  • One day before now you was 0 experience too & you’re not in there now because you were born this way you’re there now because someone someday gave you a chance to do something.
  • The 0 experience you are hiring is fresh & that means fresh ideas & fresh ways, simply you’re taking someone original, a mater piece.
  • Creativity doesn’t need experience “experience just shape it” & without creativity everything turns BORING.

Now, I’m a victim to the word experience like many many many others & we what really make us suffer is the fact that deep inside we know that we are good it’s just the pain of knowing we can’t get a chance to prove it to the world.

When I’m saying WE I mean all the talented kids out there that can’t be the perfect match for a job (that required millions of years experience+perfect looking+being a genius in every language on earth “which made me wonder bout the high prices of learning language here in a country that supposed to depend on tourism as a major income source!!”) but can sure create something unique  that only great mind can understand.

I honestly don’t have an answer to our problem but I know the answer is  in one of the jobless kids hands, maybe me, maybe you, may her, maybe him, anyone, just needs to get out.

I’d love to talk bout other point, taking trainings & courses to improve yourself is a must no matter how old you get or how high your job rank gets, we all need that. But for those who can’t afford it or don’t want anyone to pay for them “they wanna depend on themselves” you can always search for a training in many companies, they won’t pay you mostly but for the training I believe that won’t matter OR you can teach yourself, I know a lots of us are not used to do the self teaching but it’s easy when you believe in your goal & maybe if you took a 1st step a door ll open to you the next one.

Finally, but not lastly in this I’d love to say that finding a job depends totally on you in the 1st place, find the right place or the right time, writing & saying the right things all that can make a huge difference if you used it for your own good & no matter how hard it seems or how far it looks you’ll get it. Believe in you thats how other ll believe in the you, market yourself as a piece of diamond.


One response to “Required: 100+ years of EXPERIENCE!!

  1. so true ,we about me i dont care about what they said i have my own bussiness also 8 years EXPERIENCE of my major on water managment ..

    sometimes people call me for Consulting thats make me feel good and i do it for free :)

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