For The One(s) I so MISSED…

I missed you all so very really insanely much more than ever. This blog even if not famous & have lots of friends it is still kinda my joy & pride d(^_^)b & for that love I’ve for the blog & the honour for every time someone spend time reading here, I -the silly writer you all know- promise to write more soon. I’ll ask for some time to find a job & get internet for my own (internet that mum won’t cut whenever she feels like punishing me). I’m writing already & planning more for the near future to so just wait a little lil bit more. Lately I’ve been try to find a job (nth new), also I’m trying to learn Korean (credit to ttmik), & reading (I’ll give a list). Since I’very no phone I can even updated anyway so I’m really sorry. I’ll be back soon, much love xoxoxo.


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