lost in colors…

There’s Black here, a little White there, Green there, more Red there, something of Yellow there, Pink there, etc. But it never works until they’re together, you can’t see the real picture until you see -almost- every & each color of it. Just like us there’s a writer here, her madness there, a little stupidity there, a bit silly there, a smile there, more fun there, etc. All that gives you Nermine but you won’t really see Nermine until you see -almost- it all.

I’ve to admit, even if my whole philosophy & believes comes from the color Black, I certainly love Maroon the most, & even if the beauty of White is not compared to anything I avoid it most in life, clothes, colors, etc. If you re a girl you must’ve had heard from someone older that black “baymshi ma3a KOLO” makes you look thinner, goes with any color, & never grow old or out of fashion, why??? Because simply black takes all the flaws & leave you with beauty, because black means/gives beauty, & I heard some people say that boys re the one to like black not girls because they think it’s manly, & I’m telling them being strong is not manly it’s confident.

Take you for an example, you cry after watching a romantic sad movie, you do the 1st thing that comes to your mind, you smile wish you can do anything more to make it better for someone who needs help, you love food, you don’t give a d*** bout your weight, etc. I won’t know you until I see it all, & that makes me your friend, ’cause I’m ready to see the whole picture, ready to have my own view my own thought.


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