A Good Man in My Life.

“Wake up & shine, I know you wanna stay in bed and hide but baby you’re  the only one who makes me smile, who water those pretty flowers and write the poems that makes even the heart of stones melt. This sun of our day will hide if you’re not there shinning with power and love to this world. Be strong baby.”

Waking up to his words everyday, when my phone rings & read these small letters he never fail to send daily, feels real and make me feel complete even for a few seconds of imagining him mine.

Looking back at my life, he was the only one giving me that feeling yet he was never mine and mostly he won’t be.

Pushing me to fight for another day’s right of breathing, lifting me to find the magic and gold within me, standing up and shielding me from people, sunlight and even myself sometimes.

He’s  a friend and light when I’m lost, he’s a father and sun when I’m sad, he’s love and faith when I’m weak.

The only problem is, he’s not mine and probably won’t ever be.

So,  I shall enjoy my morning bless with ever word he write to me, fearing the day when it’ll be only another one having the right to receive his love and that one can’t be me.  Now I shall leave this bed and go out look into his eyes and find the light to mirror it and shine.

There’s a good man in my life.


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