[Class Zero] I can’t wait to try! #001

Normally like everyone else, I make plans for the new year and I like telling myself I should follow them and that I must do great and better in the next year.

And normally, I fail every year in most of the points I list.

Yet, to my surprise it happens that I gain something instead of the ones I failed to achieve and honestly its really even better ’cause its unexpected.

I get out of every year with more experiences, more ideas, more confidence that I can keep moving forward and do something good with my life.

That’s great.

But this year I’m not going to wait around and enjoy failing without a good fight.

This year I made a whole different plan, the only goal of my plan is to just do it…

Failing or success is out of my agenda.

I honestly think I’ve low chances of passing this self-challenge but I don’t mind trying since I already failed enough in my life that I’ve immunity of the effect of failing.

Now, I’m not an expert in anything but I tried a lot so I’ve some experiences of my own.

So what is the new plan of this year?

I spent sometime searching for what I truly want in life, I’m 20 now so I did the search pretty young which is amazing and its giving me now ultimate number of choices and opportunities to do different things.

So I’m dividing my new year plan into 3 smaller projects.

The 1st one: Manual Me.

Tell yourself every morning that you are beautiful, that’s the plan.

I should try to write a book full of quotes and random stuff just to remind myself to keep moving and believing.

Reading was always and will forever be my strength in life, so when it feels dark or that things are too hard on me I will bring my Manual out and keep reading until I am back again full of confidence.

I thought it might be weird but I read something that made me feel like I’m great and it truly inspired me to trust my weird plan.

The 2nd project: A writer in progress.

I didn’t know why I introduce myself as a writer in progress, I should be a writer or not. I mostly find it hard to keep up with what I start writing, I lose interest sometimes, others I just feel a strange hatred towards what I wrote that I can’t help keeping it hidden in my notebook!!!

So I called myself a writer in progress, and this year I want to change that title to a writer.

Putting a goal to write more is something not so new to me, I tried it before once and I ended up with my first story “which is not online yet”. The point is, it works if you are willing to make it work.

Writing more is the goal of project 2, and I made a mini list of things I wanna talk ’bout and write to help myself start and get into the habit of writing more and more. Hopefully it will work… ^^

The 3rd project: Follow the list.

Everyone makes the list, even if we try to deny that we still sit sometimes alone and think “I wanna do that or this”, it is listing and it just happens.

I’m a queen of listing, I make lists of everything I can list and sometimes it drives me crazy ’cause its too much and honestly I find it  hard to keep up with my listing abilities!!!

So this year, I will stop making updates to my list and I will just follow my original list. Just a cup of coffee and I should write the things I need to try to achieve this year and then no more updating.

Now the new year is so close, I’m not disappointed with myself this year but I certainly expected much more of myself. I tried but I could have tried more, I failed and I enjoyed & learned a lot from failing but I still could have tried more. It was a very strange year, I did TONS of new things, met many people and met a new limited edition of ME. The only thing that I won’t forget ’bout 2012 is how I learned to believe and love myself. I don’t know if I’m writing again until next year but I’m sure I will writer more as I promised this coming new year.

Again, I’m not an expert in anything but I tried a lot so I’ve some experiences of my own. I’m sending love to everyone, ’cause we all deserve to be loved. I wish everyone a Cherry Mristmas! And a Nappy Yew Hear! ^^


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