A Simple Confession of Jealousy.

They say love is blind, oh baby you are so blind. You play the truth and then you hide, knowing that you are lying baby is hurting my pride. So here I am looking at you, facing you and giving you the whole truth.

I’m jealous of the women you loved, of the ones you will. Of the wind and of your home where you belong, I’m jealous ’cause I can’t own you and you can’t own me. I’m most jealous of everyone that gets to see you smiling or crying, ’cause I wanted to be there for you…  I’m jealous like I’ve never been, I’m jealous and its killing me… I’m jealous and it making me silly, I’m jealous I rhyme classically!

I know you have done nothing wrong, I know you just need to stay strong.

Yet, I can’t be anything but selfish when it comes to you…

I want to write you as my beautiful history, my joyful now and my bright future…

I’m a queen kneeling for you while I should be only kneeling for Pharaohs, giving up my pride and my soul giving you everything giving you my all.

I love you I can’t deny, I love you no matter how hard I fight despite my every try.

I kneel and cry, I never beg I just simply try…

I can’t lose a battle I’ve yet to fight; with you I care nothing ‘bout doing what’s right.

And I miss you, when I laugh when I cry, when I smile when I fly.

I miss you every day, and every day I miss you more.

I will love you here -always- inside my heart, writing poems as if we were never -ever- a day apart.

Here I close my eyes and give you my truth and my love, I will close my eyes and let everything go of.

Jealousy is making it hard for me to love you… Jealousy is the witness of how much I love you.



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