[Class Zero]: Dear Mother

I’ve never seen someone so simple yet complicated like my mother.

Both of us so stubborn, both of us argue and listen to only our own voice.

My mum over 50 now wishes nothing but to marry-off her 3 kids (Me, my 19 years old sister and my 16 years old brother) in order that starts with me.

When we argue she wishes that I get married, in valentine she wishes that I get married, when it rains she wishes that I get married… When she’s happy or sad she still wishes that I would get married.

My mum’s wish in life is so simple, after many years from now, after even I leave this world when someone read this they will simply agree that it’s a simple wish and that I’m an ungrateful daughter ’cause I can’t give the mother who gave up her life to raise me and my siblings something that simple. Honestly, even I sometimes look at the whole situation that way too.

I never do anything to make my mum happy, I never will mostly; yet, I’m just astonished by how everything she wishes in life could be described with one word!

My mum is great mother and a great woman too, that’s not just my words framing her in a sweet motherly picture but everyone’s opinion when it comes to my mum. I wish I could write more about her and share some of our funny sweet and crazy moments but I’m keeping my great mum a secret so no one would try and steal her away from me.

The reason why I’m writing this is a question from a friend of mine got me pretty puzzled. He was wondering why my family which is having little money is happier despite all of our problems while his family -which is wealthy- seems okay but in fact broken?

The only reason I found was my parents, my father I always talk ’bout him he was and still the light in my heart and life and my mum the strong woman who would do anything for her kids just to keep them safe underneath her wings. Their love to us and to each other is the light in our lives and in our noisy warm house.


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