Alarm at night…

My clock beating in the darkness, begging for my attention.

Waking me from my daily stillness, stealing me from this night’s death

Bombing not my brain but a box full of memories

Cracking open a wound I thought gone for good
And a picture of love flashed in my night
A picture of warmth once filled my world
Someone used to love me
Someone used to be there
My bomb keeps ticking, and alarm is so to break this poisoned silence
And the night keeps digging, keeps nagging to go deeper
I weep, and break down!
Once every while it happens when I open my old memories box
And a moment later I will laugh
A moment later I will breathe
I will live again in my pictures
I will smell this joy again and again…
Woke up to write at 3 AM so I guess my mistakes might be forgiven this time, please? ^_^



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