Are women being harassed off the Internet? It’s happened to me

Worth reading ladies… and gentlemen.


By Caitlin Kelly

Have you read this long and thoughtful piece from Pacific Standard, an American magazine, by Amanda Hess about women bloggers being harassed, threatened and vilified?


An excerpt:

The examples are too numerous to recount, but like any good journalist, I keep a running file documenting the most deranged cases. There was the local cable viewer who hunted down my email address after a television appearance to tell me I was “the ugliest woman he had ever seen.” And the group of visitors to a “men’s rights” site who pored over photographs of me and a prominent feminist activist, then discussed how they’d “spend the night with” us. (“Put em both in a gimp mask and tied to each other 69 so the bitches can’t talk or move and go round the world, any old port in a storm, any old hole,” one decided.) And the anonymous commenter…

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Your local guide, to somewhere in Egypt! ^^

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Pure Love

Pure that window that I looked upon the world through, pure as a diamond… Hard and so true.

Pure but a window is naught but a cage chaining me.

Until that moment where I broke that window broke my every limit just to be free.

I thought I will taste heaven, I thought I will drink of that beautiful glass pureness.

I opened my eyes to see the real cage, I saw who was being fooled and who was playing onstage.

And out of a hopeless moment, I took that shred of the glass I broke.

I looked upon myself in the reflection, I looked deep and in that moment I woke.

A tear fall in the ground from me.

A cut and a blood drop broke free.

And where they gathered in the ground there I found a tree.

Now I’m saved again. Hiding from life, letting it be.

New Daughters

Knowing that spending more time writing and updating should be my one and only priority, I apologize for my always delayed updates and I’ll work hard to fix that.

Now I wanted to officially introduce my lovely daughters;

Blog: Ask Me in Arabic which went online last year and I’m looking for some help and building a team right now to keep it running.

Blog: More Than Men; in My Life which is a short stories collection of love, relationship, spirituality and life. It’s still in prograss and I hope you will like them.

I won’t take much of your precious times to talk ’bout my daughters but wait for them please. ^^