The Gentlemen’s Club

It’s no secret that I have thought and even trying to find a runaway, it’s the one most important thing in my life nowadays.

So, I am starting the first community of (Supporting Runaway Youth in Egypt). I like the sound of that myself ^^.

The reason I am starting this is to tell the world that we are not weak, running away is not our only choice it is the right one. Our choice.

Any ideas or suggestions I would be happy to receive them, thanks.



New Daughters

Knowing that spending more time writing and updating should be my one and only priority, I apologize for my always delayed updates and I’ll work hard to fix that.

Now I wanted to officially introduce my lovely daughters;

Blog: Ask Me in Arabic which went online last year and I’m looking for some help and building a team right now to keep it running.

Blog: More Than Men; in My Life which is a short stories collection of love, relationship, spirituality and life. It’s still in prograss and I hope you will like them.

I won’t take much of your precious times to talk ’bout my daughters but wait for them please. ^^