Design Your Way Fashionably.


If you wanna be a fashion designer, live in Egypt, & less than 18/17 years old, then you’re the one I’m looking for to tell you what you won’t know simply by dreaming of that. If your start was strong & good enough that ll give you more confidence until you reach your goal. I won’t tell you how to be a shinning star but I’ll give you some of what can make  you a shinning star.

My 1st piece of advice is to never ever tell yourself I’m unlucky I won’t make it, never think like that, think like a professional be the master of your own game.

It starts so simple:

1st. Sewing is it, you gotta master that in every possible way then try to learn from an expert  in your vacations by working with any tailor. That ll teach you the tricks of sewing & you don’t know when you might need them.

2nd. Cloth. You must be aware of every cloth type in this world if you wanna design fashion, whats cheap whats super high, whats good whats bad, what types you ll find here & what you’ll find only there. Just get your hands on every piece of information you find & also you can learn more by selling cloth, reading books, online search, or working in a boutique.

3rd. It’s time for art to shape your talent & creativity. Learn how to sketch figures, clothes, & models, you can’t be a fashion designer without this one so MASTERING it is your goal. So get the basics & use school drawing classes, internet, books, or someone’s help to get it. *Remember it won’t be in a day, everything ll take time but ll help you.

4th. Now it’s your time to show of a little bit by a design of yours, draw it, sew it, & be proud of what you did no matter how weird it might look in the 1st try it’s still a hard work that needs your own self respect. It’s not easy to reach this point so keep trying & trying.

5th. Here is you most important goal ever, college. Learning is something very very important to any great fashion designer & it might sound boring but a must to reach your goal it’ll be just like not eating unhealthy junk food to lose weight. Remember to kick off your career professionally you always ll need learning.

6th. Now your are ready to start, but take it slow at 1st even if you can afford a business of your own try to work for a designer 1st to know how the business is going around you & that ll add to your experience + learning too.


Sawing & learning all the things you needed can give you with time a good income so if you can’t join [for Egypt] a governmental college or course use that money to join another program ’cause yes you can afford it with all your hard work, keep this B plan ready & don’t be ashamed of using it ’cause if it’s gonna say anything about you it’ll be, I’m mature I’m strong & independent.

Hope I helped someone, you can leave a comment with your question or opinion & that post was written earlier but my exams came & I’m just sorry for being late :)


In The Bottle

I woke up, I feel so tired and cold. Something seems so wrong, where am I?? I look around me and I can see nothing just nothing everywhere, I’m becoming more aware of where am I now.

Its a bottle!!

Why am I in a bottle??!

That can’t be true, I must be still asleep and dreaming, I’ll close my eyes then open them and things ll be back to normal.

I opened my eyes again and I’m still in the bottle, my god I must be losing my mind. NO, I already lost my mind, what’s happening to me?! Why am I in this bottle??! I was ‘bout to cry, I was sitting holding my knees to my chest, when I heard it, I heard my world’s sound just outside the bottle, and since I’m already crazy and no one ll ever believe me, if it’s possible for a sound to do something thin it was, it was closing the bottle on me more and more and……… My world is trapping me, my world is killing me.

I slept, maybe I’ll wake up without this dream I’m trapped in, I’ll wake up better, I’ll wake up outside this bottle, in my real world.

I woke up, and I’m finally out of the bottle, I want to scream and tell everyone I’m outside of the bottle, but I won’t. Finally I’m back.

I forgot the bottle, it’s been a while now, my bottle nightmare is now not so different from my real world, my world is exactly trapping me in the bottle, and I’m helpless, I can’t do anything, and the voice, you remember it?! Is now being played by my family, friends, everyone in my life, the re sharing the voice role.

I’m living the bottle world, and the bottle is eating me alive, burying me while I’m still just breathing.

Welcome to the bottle world, are you sharing it with me?!

Dreaming Of A Dream

I don’t know exactly what to write I’m having a hard time, breaking up time. So I’m looking for my dreams which I left one day for someone that left me when I loved him the most. Any way I dreamt of a world that’s no like another world I dreamt of a new me that people love and respect like a true person for what I am I dreamt of a smile that I put on people’s faces when they re sad. I’d many dreams but they all mean nothing in this world so I stopped dreaming and now I’ll start living. I so lost in a world like a maze so even if you don’t think you re lost you’ll. What have you dreamt?? What have you give up??? What do you really want???