Locked In A Room: Day 4


Cherry, dressing in a lovely little black dress.
Pretty Cherry.
Punished in a cold room and crying, for herself and for every other Cherry all over the world. Cherry is full of hope and sparkling with the strength of her dreams, a girl with short hair and a head full of wonders.
She always smiles, you’d find it hard to believe that now Cherry’s cry alone in a cold room wearing that lovely little black dress.
Cherry is not a one person, though this tells the story of a single individual, Cherry’s every young woman being punished by a society so cruel they only see her as a product.

Once upon a time, little Cherry draw a door. A colorful door on the wall, her mama-dementor said its a sin to dream of happiness and to wish for freedom. Why? Because she’s a girl. Her mama-dementor put a lock on her door for a very long time and Cherry stayed inside keeping books for friends.

Then one day Cherry -powered by her little bubble of words- demanded freedom, and again was called a sinner, she got locked again. Then her bubble couldn’t watch in silence anymore, the words bubble helped her by biting the lock on her door so she could go out and see that happiness is not a sin. Cherry went out that day and came back stronger, the truth finally came to light and she knew that happiness is possible.

She went out the next day, the day after and in every opportunity Cherry went out to learn and grow stronger. Her fun journeys to the outside world were tough but that gave her strength unlike the locked door.

One day Cherry came back to find mama-dementor standing by the open door and she hit Cherry, Cherry is not young now and she tried to defend herself. I am not a sinner is what she said and that made mama-dementor feel that she’s losing control so with the help of other dementors, they locked Cherry in the cold lonely room and Cherry cried for so long. Cherry will keep cry but she is not a sinner and she will fight for herself and every other Cherry crying alone too.

This is a true story, it happens in this world every day, it may not be close to you and the other Cherry girls are not speaking loudly but its true, its painful and it happens everyday.

Cherry like all the other girls around her are all considered products, personal property that every abusive parent have birthright of ownership over. Cherry and all the other Cherry girls understand that happiness and freedom are no sin and they are no sinners, Cherry will keep fighting till the end because happiness and freedom are no sin.

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The Gentlemen’s Club

It’s no secret that I have thought and even trying to find a runaway, it’s the one most important thing in my life nowadays.

So, I am starting the first community of (Supporting Runaway Youth in Egypt). I like the sound of that myself ^^.

The reason I am starting this is to tell the world that we are not weak, running away is not our only choice it is the right one. Our choice.

Any ideas or suggestions I would be happy to receive them, thanks.


Cleopatra’s Curse

Cleopatra’s Curse, it might sound like a strange title but the only right one for my insane idea. It took me lots of time & confident to get over the charming power of Cleopatra to add my own scenario that haunted me ever since I read about her, she lived, ruled, sacrificed & died like a true Egyptian Women. A model, an idol figure to all of us, not those girls that use their bodies & low manners as a pathetic way to the world, to us, to a generation that changed a world, fought for freedom, taught the world what being an Egyptian means, that -finally but not lastly- turned a little square in the center of Cairo into a global story missing it was like missing a life time of wonders. To that generation I’m writing a new Cleopatra’s story.

Imagine her, so Egyptian & strong yet captivating & charming, she gets you down on your knees not just with a body or beauty but a unique soul & magic that runs in the Egyptian blood since this blessed land & people appeared in history. Not just a woman, not just a queen, not just a remarkable leader to this nation, Cleopatra is a type of humanity herself, a whole different tale to tell just by being herself, that makes you wonder after her, for her, & finally falling in love with the queen. I won’t take you & dive in all those historical facts -if you’ve ever been to school you sure are aware of most of them- so I’ll just tell you my point of view & let you imagine one of yours or live with mine.

Caesar & Antonio didn’t get half the blame history put on her shoulders even now after hundreds & millions of years still many people look at her as the woman who used her beauty or seduction skills to start wars, jealousy all for her wishes & pleasure, they never even thought bout looking at the whole scene with her eyes, never understood her tragedy.

I might agree a little with the fact that she might had had a seducing skills but not enough to agree that it was the problem because Cleopatra was not that much of a beauty queen to use it in a dangerous way, Plutarch thought that she might be an incomparable beauty but later he admitted that the it was not just beauty. He crushed the fact that being raised & taught by Egyptians made clear in history which is that her charm comes from her voice. I myself ll go with the possible fact that its not just the literal voice he meant it’s words, words are the golden treasure here, words are the truth behind the legendary queen, words are what we missed between the lines of what she left for us, and words are the right question between all the mysteries we are lost within. Here my theory starts with the idea that she was cursed by her own charm.

A fact that I must mention to everyone reading now is that the Ptolemaic rulers never learned Egyptian language they kept using Greek, all except Cleopatra; although she knew that Egyptian was pretty hard she did learn it & to relate herself more to Egypt & Egyptians she related herself to Isis, the Egyptian goddess. She was certainly effected by Egyptian way to much for someone who grows with a family history like hers. Another fact history books sometimes forget is that Cleopatra didn’t take Egypt simply on a gold plate a great country, she certainly did not, Cleopatra took Egypt while it was losing more & more land by each passing day, & everyone was fight over it like a last piece of cake not the Egypt that the world respect. She did a lot for her country, her home, & for the people she loved, a real loyal queen that chose her country over the selfish habits of her ancestors to be herself without fearing anything but losing her country.

From the growing with Egyptians her love just grows, just as her talent & her curse, the curse of words, of being loved. Finally, I’m not giving a history lesson or lecturing you bout my theory I just believe that Cleopatra as the last Pharaoh queen of Egypt deserve a much more than what we denied her, she’s an inspiration to me, she makes me believe that my words can actually be my key to everything, & that beauty only comes from me not from how I look, she tell the story of Egyptian women & how they have the power, talent, revolutions & the beauty of Cleopatra’s curse.

This is not a funny story ┬ánot a sad one too, it’s a theory bout words bout truth bout a story that had more than what they say & tells just as they say a fact history already proved to be true : A pen is mightier than a sword, remember words are more powerful than war.

This is dedicated to the writer that taught me love, words, truth, & life, I dedicate this very dear article that shape my -soon to come- 1st novel’s idea, to Aleksandr Kuprin on his 141 birthday, 7 Sept. 2011.

*My hard work is not anyones to joke with, mention where you got it if you wanna take something from the article.*