[Class Zero] In Black and White

Following Alice to wonderland, running after a sweet dawn dream or haunting a lost shadow.

The problem is always there, dwelling in my head. My greatest foes, living within my head. The good me, the wrong me. Both trying to claim victory, either ways I am victim.

It’s a challenge, living to please both. Being a slave to the winner… Desiring  the forbidden and praying for heaven.

Crying at night, lost in the light.

The puzzle is missing more pieces every time I do the wrong and even when I do the right!

Love me or love that me, I don’t know what to do!

A tiring game, that I no longer enjoy…

A silly game, turning me into just a toy…

I quit this path, but it’s not leaving me to be…

I ran away, but still its haunting me…

Reaching a point where doing the right and doing the wrong makes you feel nothing but guilty, roaming like a lost spirit not knowing what to look for.

Diagnosed with an alien illness called fighting for light, where I hold my sword trying to cut off the show and disappear.


[Poems to my Killer] Blame

They said love is blind, oh baby you re so blind.

You no longer need the truth, lies you no longer mind.

I have heard them all sweetie, your lies won’t work here.

She have done it all, I have seen it all.

Her lies are living, surviving here near.

Her scent is filling the air making you look like a fool.

He told me, his eyes turning painful ice and that’s what he told me.

He took all his broken pieces and built that wall around him so high.

He’s so good he’s a master, broking down my walls yet I can’t do more just touching his walls and wonder how high he built them.

Ugly, is that feeling when you fall in love with a heart as cold as stones.

Precious and shinning in the outside, cold and cemented inside.

A heart that serve just his purpose of living.

All his feelings are just so beautiful until you try and touch them, they vanish.

All his promises are perfect until you needed them, and they are gone.

All his love unforgettable, that my goal that’s what I need to accomplish.

I wonder if its all true… I wonder if he’s true…

Untitled Story.

This is a very short story.

This is a very useless one.

This story needs no body, needs everybody’s attention.

This story’s ’bout a girl.

That girl died. That’s not a problem is what everyone thinks.

Death is as I heard the one & only true fact of our lives.

To many, her death is not a problem.

That girl was so depressed, that girl never smiled.

That girl tried to get help, that girl tried to fight.

That girl died, leave guilt muddying this world’s way.

That girl was our mistake, I won’t be calling her that girl if I knew her but again that’s our mistake.

That girl death has a reason actually, she was trying to get a little book but it was hard.

She wanted to read of something  that she really wanted to try.

How to smile, that was the book behind the death of that girl I’m telling the story of.

Everyone thought she’s not worth even the little to get her the book, though she tried it was never enough.

Why that girl was depressed???

A reason or two or even hundred, never will it be fair for a girl not to know how to smile.

That girl died while hold a tiny piece of paper, holding it like holding dear life.

That paper had one word written: A Smile.

Next to the word  happens the problem, when that girl drew a smile.

That girl's Smile

A Smile