Meaning Of The Nothing

When you stop living for a minute and look at your life see what you have done and what you wanna do. You’ll see one of two things:

First, a life you got all you want in it and suddenly you want nothing of.

Second, a life you get nothing of and suddenly you want nothing of.

So why we spend all our short life days thinking of what we want???

STOP THINKING go out and look for whats yours, take all your chances in life so when you look back at your life you’ll smile and say “I took my chance”

Try you best to make your life not meaning nothing.

Dreaming Of A Dream

I don’t know exactly what to write I’m having a hard time, breaking up time. So I’m looking for my dreams which I left one day for someone that left me when I loved him the most. Any way I dreamt of a world that’s no like another world I dreamt of a new me that people love and respect like a true person for what I am I dreamt of a smile that I put on people’s faces when they re sad. I’d many dreams but they all mean nothing in this world so I stopped dreaming and now I’ll start living. I so lost in a world like a maze so even if you don’t think you re lost you’ll. What have you dreamt?? What have you give up??? What do you really want???