[Class Zero] In Black and White

Following Alice to wonderland, running after a sweet dawn dream or haunting a lost shadow.

The problem is always there, dwelling in my head. My greatest foes, living within my head. The good me, the wrong me. Both trying to claim victory, either ways I am victim.

It’s a challenge, living to please both. Being a slave to the winner… Desiring  the forbidden and praying for heaven.

Crying at night, lost in the light.

The puzzle is missing more pieces every time I do the wrong and even when I do the right!

Love me or love that me, I don’t know what to do!

A tiring game, that I no longer enjoy…

A silly game, turning me into just a toy…

I quit this path, but it’s not leaving me to be…

I ran away, but still its haunting me…

Reaching a point where doing the right and doing the wrong makes you feel nothing but guilty, roaming like a lost spirit not knowing what to look for.

Diagnosed with an alien illness called fighting for light, where I hold my sword trying to cut off the show and disappear.


Things You Won’t Want To Be A Royal For.

  • You’re always followed “a modern way of stalking”.
  • So you can’t ever be alone.
  • You can never show what you really feel.
  • So you put on the mask and smile all the time.
  • So you miss all the sales, the fun, and a big part of being a GIRL.
  • You can’t feel normal, act crazy, shave your hair, or dye it green.
  • So you’re boring or bored or feel like chained all the time.
  • You can’t simply get angry or cry.
  • So you’ve to be a good actor/actress.
  • You can’t ever talk freely, there’s always someone recording.
  • So you’ve to HOLD your tongue ALL the time.
  • You can’t go totally crazy in love.
  • So mostly you’ll live with an empty or broken heart, and in both cases that s**ks.
  • You can’t have Facebook or Twitter normally like humans.
  • So I don’t know exactly what ll you be missing “there’s the fact  that you’ll be safe from Facebook/Twitter addiction”.
  • You can’t be a super fan of @_______ and follow them with tweets everywhere, all the time.
  • So you’ve to hummmmm be not a super fan of @_______ and not follow them with tweets everywhere, all the time.
  • I ran out of reasons.
  • So comment or hastag #neverroyal as much as you can.