Meaning of the nothing_ part 2_ The philosophy behind my life’s greatest decision

I won’t lie, I’ll be your friend. Yes, I mean all of you, hate me or like me now I am your friend. I woke up one morning, they said you’ve cancer, I thought my mind is just tricking me and it always happen, not just to me but to everyone. But no it wasn’t the cancer that shocked me it was my life, the life I spent doing nothing, caring bout clothes I won’t wear, songs I won’t hear, movies I won’t see, love that won’t save me, wasting it afraid and now I’ve no past, a messed present, and god only knows if there will be any future to call my future. Now I hope you know that your life really means nothing, but maybe you’ll do something.

But I want to ask you. Is that what you’re waiting for??? To get cancer? To lose your sight?? To be in a chair for the rest of you life??? Is that what will stop you wasting more time???? Is that how you want to wake up????? You know that it may be an end not a start??????

Tomorrow is far away, but it’s in your hand and that’s a gift you need to hold on to because someone out there want nothing in this life more than being the one holding your gift, and tomorrow for him/her is just a dream nothing more.

I’m not blaming you or acting miss perfect, I’m just trying to go with you to your first step to reality, I’m taking it with you, because you may not find that someone who’s meant to take it with you before you, but you may find them at some point or maybe you won’t need them at all, that not bad that only means you’ve become a strong person, and you’re where they all which to be.

The philosophy of my life, is to wake up every morning telling your self I can’t look back from my future and find my life means nothing.


Dreaming Of A Dream

I don’t know exactly what to write I’m having a hard time, breaking up time. So I’m looking for my dreams which I left one day for someone that left me when I loved him the most. Any way I dreamt of a world that’s no like another world I dreamt of a new me that people love and respect like a true person for what I am I dreamt of a smile that I put on people’s faces when they re sad. I’d many dreams but they all mean nothing in this world so I stopped dreaming and now I’ll start living. I so lost in a world like a maze so even if you don’t think you re lost you’ll. What have you dreamt?? What have you give up??? What do you really want???