[Class Zero] I can’t wait to try! #001

Normally like everyone else, I make plans for the new year and I like telling myself I should follow them and that I must do great and better in the next year.

And normally, I fail every year in most of the points I list.

Yet, to my surprise it happens that I gain something instead of the ones I failed to achieve and honestly its really even better ’cause its unexpected.

I get out of every year with more experiences, more ideas, more confidence that I can keep moving forward and do something good with my life.

That’s great.

But this year I’m not going to wait around and enjoy failing without a good fight. Continue reading


Things You Won’t Want To Be A Royal For.

  • You’re always followed “a modern way of stalking”.
  • So you can’t ever be alone.
  • You can never show what you really feel.
  • So you put on the mask and smile all the time.
  • So you miss all the sales, the fun, and a big part of being a GIRL.
  • You can’t feel normal, act crazy, shave your hair, or dye it green.
  • So you’re boring or bored or feel like chained all the time.
  • You can’t simply get angry or cry.
  • So you’ve to be a good actor/actress.
  • You can’t ever talk freely, there’s always someone recording.
  • So you’ve to HOLD your tongue ALL the time.
  • You can’t go totally crazy in love.
  • So mostly you’ll live with an empty or broken heart, and in both cases that s**ks.
  • You can’t have Facebook or Twitter normally like humans.
  • So I don’t know exactly what ll you be missing “there’s the fact ¬†that you’ll be safe from Facebook/Twitter addiction”.
  • You can’t be a super fan of @_______ and follow them with tweets everywhere, all the time.
  • So you’ve to hummmmm be not a super fan of @_______ and not follow them with tweets everywhere, all the time.
  • I ran out of reasons.
  • So comment or hastag #neverroyal as much as you can.