He is a dream [it can be just a poem]

MY FIRST POEM so tell me how am I doing????
Number One, you better listen from number two,

Number two, ’cause boy I won’t change my point of view.

Number three, so if you really want me,

Number four, here’s what you have to be.

Kind, smart, and strong,

You stand up for the wrong.

I won’t talk but you understand,

You’re never ashamed of walking holding my hand.

You get life and me so well,

I’m crazy but you say they can go to .

You respect women and kids,

You never care what’s in others heads.

You never forget to say goodnight,

Even if all day we just did fight.

You know what you want and you want me,

You want forever and forever it’ll be.

You’re never afraid to say sorry,

but boy, you don’t have to worry.

You never sleep when I’m sick,

‘Cause to you I’m not just a normal chick.

When I cry you die to cry,

Seeing me smiling makes you fly.

I want you and you can see,

With any other one I can’t be.

That’s some of what I want,

Maybe I’ll get it, maybe I won’t.


Meaning Of The Nothing

When you stop living for a minute and look at your life see what you have done and what you wanna do. You’ll see one of two things:

First, a life you got all you want in it and suddenly you want nothing of.

Second, a life you get nothing of and suddenly you want nothing of.

So why we spend all our short life days thinking of what we want???

STOP THINKING go out and look for whats yours, take all your chances in life so when you look back at your life you’ll smile and say “I took my chance”

Try you best to make your life not meaning nothing.